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leather boots, magenta hair & saying nasty things

these were requested of specific people but if anyone feels like filling them i will love you always. so here they all are in one place and if everyone else wants to put theirs all together here we can start filling them. XD

requested of becky:
HP: sirius and james the first time they play a really sucessful prank on someone, doesn't matter who.

HP: pwvw harry/draco before anything happens between them. either pov, your choice.

ILIAD: achilles/patroclus.

REMIX: roddy/rustin baby. don't care when, don't care how.

HP: stemming from the larp we did the other night - what did pwvw sirius DO to cause marisa to hit him up style? hehehehe...

HP: early 7th year, the slytherins have a Discussion about sirius. regulus, marisa, snape and narcissa must figure in, but the others are at your discretion. marisa's pov.

requested of nelle:
HP: marauder-era, more bugs canon than 9s, marisa hears emmeline talking about sirius [whether flattering or unflattering] and her reaction.

HP: c_a gryffindor boys' dorm. becky's harry, my ron, your seamus, lena's dean and make your own neville. ;) include a little trio-shippy allusion if you want, depending on point of view and if it's appropriate. ^__^

SRHS: julian, nara, rustin and molly hang out. other people can be included but the four of them are hilarious together and i wanna see it. :)

MEDIEVAL: whatever you've got.

requested of lindsay:
SANDMAN-LABYRINTH: dream/jareth, shippy.

HIS DARK MATERIALS: lee/serafina. go to town.

RENAISSANCE: lucrezio/julia!!1! XD just something cute and kissy. lol.

VICTORIAN: alexander being his usual arsehole self with misses wilder and safford, while teddy and jack look on horrified.

requested of rin:
HP: prewetts, first-war, death optional though acceptable.

HP: marisa&rabastan, first-war, the level of shippy/smutty is up to you.

HP: snape, marisa and rabastan, pwvw, funny funny funny.

HP: james, lily, sirius & marisa, late school or first-war, double date or dinner party.

requested of sam:
HP: something old-school shack with as many characters from the game you can fit in as possible. not shippy unless it's marisa/lucius, please. [:is terrified to remember how different marisa was back then... lol:]

HP: the redhead and the jock. as tooby or smutty as you like. i'll take anything.

VELVET GOLDMINE: the scene they play out with barbie dolls in the movie- write it out.

COLLEGE: rustin, matt, julian and anyone else you feel like dragging in.

HP: career advice professors staff room: something unexpected happened last night and the profs are discussing it over breakfast. make it as funny as possible- the event is up to you. :)

requested of steph:
NEVERWHERE: seduction of the woe-i-am-so-clueless!richard by the i-am-cunning-and-snarky!marquis.

HP: loser smoker's club at ages 17 and 40. heh heh heh.

R+J: tybalt/mercutio before the events of the play begin.

LABYRINTH/GAIMAN CROSSOVER: [including good omens] whatever you want, just something where the worlds collide.
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