leather boots, magenta hair & saying nasty things (killerbeautiful) wrote in draaaaagons,
leather boots, magenta hair & saying nasty things

The bar was, for lack of a more genteel word, frightening. The moon they'd stopped on was just big enough to afford Inara some business, but just small enough that the local color was still in force wherever you looked. Local color, which in this case meant local thugs, who filled the seats at the bar and the few tables around it and looked askance at the strangers in their midst. It was her own fault, she supposed, for meeting them here instead of going back to Serenity, but she didn't think she really merited the amount of attention she was getting from the people in the bar.

"How do I always end up in these places with you?" she hissed to Mal as another dirty old cowboy whistled in her direction, taking his arm and steering him away. "And why do you never warn me it's going to be like this before I show up?" Jayne glanced up from the pool shot he was about to take and cackled. "I didn't ask you," she said, going to stand next to Kaylee.
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