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the fourth leg of the table is short, and a book props it up, an old book, third year herbology or something equally forgettable. wire-rimmed glasses sit haphazardly tossed among wax spatters and discolored rings the shape of the feet of thick pottery mugs; nothing hides the age and use of the table, it is naked in all its garish awkwardness. a stack of books and parchments, an inkwell and old quill, a mug with a dry teabag at the bottom. you would think this surface would be perfect, meticulously arranged and organized, perfect like the corners of his sheets and the fluff of his pillows. but here, in a small enclosed space, is chaos, unrestrained by worry- for who will ever see this poor old table, dug out from an attic years ago when first he left home? not the family waving from the carefully snipped newspaper clipping framed and perched amidst the rubble. not the girl whose picture used to sit beside them. no one.
pretties // where earth meets sky

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i think it's funny that the remix will also remix/switch up the old terra avatars of roddy & rustin. :shrug: i was going to use ioan as rustin, but then rin came up and said "why is fletcher in your rustin background?" and it was all over. :)
pretties // where earth meets sky

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sooooo for those who haven't already heard me babbling about this, i had an epiphany. one of my lj friends, mimesere, did a series of desktop wallpapers based on something she and her friends had been talking over, called the lotr rag and bone remix. basically it took the lotr characters and put them in a modern city setting as members of different corporations and businesses, where the battle for the one ring was a play for money and power... they never actually wrote it, but it had me fascinated. [gandalf as a solicitor for the istari trust company i think is my favorite ^^]

so my thought is, i want to do a medieval remix. i want to take some of our medieval characters and a few unplayed characters from the still and think up a plot. basically i figured stryx, inc. is the big corporation of d00m, the CEO is on his way out, mar is his VP who is likely not going to get the big position because roddy, the CEO's favorite up-and-coming, is likely to get it instead... i don't know, i'm horrid at translating plots and positions from one genre to another, so i need your help. i saw glory as a secretary who wasn't just a secretary [fingers in other pies, trying to be used by various parties, roddy's friend], victor as a consultant from another firm, rustin as perhaps the same from a different company or just someone on a different rung of the roddy/mar ladder, hester as the old secretary who's been around for ages and ages, perhaps elryc and rosalind could make appearances as well... either way, even if we never write or rp this out, i'd like to do a series of wallpapers like this chick did [though my skill is sooo not up to par with hers... how do people get that good at photoshop?? it boggles me.] so could you just give some feedback on where you think the various medieval characters would fit in, who their modern avatars would be [it's great b/c you don't have to look for people in period dress...] etc.

thanks guys <3 and also, do lindsay's challenge. now. :cracks whip:

a rose a key a door

We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

Finally! A haven for us, for the unlikely collection of young women dedicated to the preservation of imagination, playtime and storytelling. We're much more romantic than I think any of you realize, and also, in my opinion, much more brilliant. All of us, beautiful, talented and lit from the inside with a belief in magic and fairytales that is rare in this day and age, especially in people our age, I think. We wonder at the stars and guess at noises in the shadows, look to the fae for missing objects and carry out plays of the imagination with a kind of earnest reverence, a ceremony that's all but gone in a world of people who have forgotten that stories can come from inside of them and not from a screen.

This is my contribution, a characteristically flowery and unabashedly arrogant manifesto about us, asking you to look from a higher perspective and perhaps through a rose-coloured lens to see the girls who put on dramas in public parks, the heroines of a modern-day fable that ends with the maxim, Fairy-tales are more than true: not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. It would be unfair to say that we are entirely escapist, on the contrary, I think that because of our forays into the worlds of magic and possibility we're better equipped to deal with reality. As C. S. Lewis wrote in his review of the Lord of the Rings, “As we read we find ourselves sharing [the characters’] burden; when we have finished, we return to our own life not relaxed but fortified.”

All of this boils down to a single wish, that we might all be members of our own Fellowship, and that I can expect to travel with you as far as my road goes. I want to create, and to encourage your creation. I know that all of us have aspired to be writers, actors and artists at some point in our lives, and I don't want to lose sight of those dreams or let them get dusty. The time to create is now, and to go forward without fear of judgement and just do it. If there's a sentence that's been floating around in your head all day, and you've got to get it out, jot it down here. If you tried to draw a stunning picture of your favourite characters and got discouraged halfway through, don't shove it in a drawer or crumple it up. Scan it, show it to us. Don't let any of your ability slip through the cracks. I'm disappointed in myself for how slack I've become with my own writing, I couldn't tell you when the last time I wrote a piece of original fiction was (not using someone else's world/characters). Though I love to draw, I get unspeakably frustrated when, for perhaps the frillionth time this month, I note that I cannot draw hands and for the love of Apollo WHY DOES IT ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THEY'RE WEARING MITTENS! We all have so much talent stored up inside of us, and I think we complement each other and reinforce each other's strengths. Let's start trying to document our fanciful existence, shall we? From now on, during LARPs, even silly, half-thought ones, we ought to start recording basic things, such as characters involved, rudimentary plot, and interesting quotes. Use this community as a secret mailbox that only we have access to, and pass notes to each other about characters, in-character, and about absolutely anything that you think could provoke a creative response. Play the fool- walk off the cliff with your eyes on the sky and don't have a thought for whether or not you've produced something intelligent. Pretension is the enemy of a writer's imagination, so is writing with a critic in mind. Let's just do it. Try to check this community everyday, and certainly once a week. I'm not famous for my ability to stay involved in online projects, but I'm going to try to post something every few days to serve as a kind of challenge for people. Everyone is welcome to respond, and those who do shall recieve unending praise from the masses in addition to magic sweets wrapped in shiny, jewel-coloured paper delivered by unicorns. I'll send the sweets and ponies ahead if you comment.

Describe the bedside tables of three characters. They might be characters you play, characters you've created yourself, or characters you know from books or movies. Tell us what's on the bedside table, what the table looks like, anything you think that will give us an idea of who these people are based on what they keep by them while they sleep. Alternately, describe a bedside table of someone you don't know yet- let the objects come into your mind and explain as they come.
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