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I'm bringing....

10 people. 48739572308412 characters. be afraid.

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ariel, august & adelle, benedict, circles, coffee can, cornucopia of love, dragons, elephant land, fandom, fanning, fiorella, gaylord steps, geeking, glory, gwen, harry potter, hello vance!, hremus!, james, kidnapping snape, larp, larping, late nights, lily, lxg, mar, marauders, marisa, medieval, modern, my nephew uncle jack, nara, padua, pearsons sunroom, pippin, poppy, potter puppet pals, purple bott's beans, remus, renaissance, roddy, roleplaying, romulus, rp, rustin, sid, sirius, sirius' mom, snape, srhs, tahir, that courtyard, the darcys, the fletcher dance, the garden, the groton playground, tonks, tonksadora, trio!love, uncle barley, you're a worm ihateyou